He is not your average university student. He’s not just another face in the crowd. He is a tireless fighter. He is Mr. Divanshu Gupta, a man of many talents and abilities. Most notable however is Divanshu’s passion for art. He has been studying and excelling at the College of Arts, Delhi University, but the most special thing about him is that he, apart from being an excellent artist, is someone who just doesn’t give up no matter how high the odds are stacked up against him.

His hearing and speaking abilities have been impaired since birth but the man simply refuses to let that hinder him from chasing his passions and thus continues to prove the naysayers wrong. A few of his paintings have been put up on our website so that one can appreciate his work and at the same time, take a lesson on perseverance and determination.

We see the world not as it is, but as we are which makes it hard for most to understand this man’s courage and struggle, but we at ‘The Buddha Solution’ have decided to help him get the exposure he needs and deserves and have sought to extend our marketplace facilities to him. It is a symbiotic relationship where neither depends on the other- one of our strongest beliefs.

We are not an NGO neither do we believe in charity work, rather we use the resources at our disposal to make the specially abled people in our society self-reliant.

His work –


Our world is plagued by darkness- the darkness of segregation, of poverty, and apathy. Divanshu laments the current state of affairs and makes a desperate appeal to the people to wake up from the chaos we call ‘our society’


Divanshu tries to express his feelings towards war and how it burns down the delicate balance of nature.  The flower, while symbolizing beauty, life and happiness is also the entity that causes man to wage his endless wars and shed blood.

We are all at the end of the day, driven by the urge to attain that elusive flower and often lose sight of what we do to this effect.

image_1 - Copy

As the wheels of time turn, they incarcerate even the greatest, making them a part, a mere cog in the giant wheel we call the economy. Divanshu comments on the mad rat race we find ourselves in and how in the name of being more ‘professional’ or ‘efficient’ we de-humanise ourselves and become machines.


Even in the most desolate of all places, one can find a way out to safety. All one has to do is to be mentally and spiritually alive to the possibilities.

This intriguing art by Devanshu explores the workings of a human mind; the concept of mortality, and various stages of life unfold in this art. The artist relates the inner workings of the mind to gearwheels that are perpetually in motion. The metaphysical question – That are we all machines which wear out is explored in this art

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